Pc locks using clonedvd/anydvd

just installed trial copies of clonedvd and anydvd to try and back up my copies of dvds . all seemed to go well until clone dvd tried to burn the image it had just made when the pc locked up totally. left it for half an hour but no good it was locked solid. It was a bit frustrating as all seemed to go exactly as predicted. I will buy the software if I can get it to work so any help would be great


bairdy (newbie!!)

i know you will need info on the pc setup so i will list all I can.

256mb ddr, win Xp pro- 60gighdd (54gig spare) athlonxp 1.8ghz chip, asus mobo, philips dvdrw228 (+r +rw) g-force 4 6mmb graphics.

Sorry all, I just found out why I had problems with clone dvd - I was not using the correct Clone dvd i.e the one from Elaborate Bytes but the one from www.clonedvd.net!! beware there is a difference!! but most of you will already know that!. just made my first backup of my dvd collection now I can safely purchase the licence for both clonedvd and anydvd.



My sympathies for getting caught out by the Fake CloneDVD, and big smiles for getting the real (Elby.de) one.