PC Line 1x DVD+R @ 16x



Hey guys and gals.

I went to PC World (in the uk) today to get some panasonic branded dvd-r 16x TY media. While i was there they told me i could take 2 25 packs of “PC Line” 8x +r media for £5. So i snapped them up. The discs are actually unbranded with nothing printed on them.

I get home and actually look at the packaging one said 1-8x and the other says 1x (also says “mfg dte:022002” on the hub of the discs). The bottom of the 1x discs are only tinted purple; they are the most silver looking DVDR that i have ever seen.

1x MID: POMSA001 R0

My BenQ 1650 is my only burner that works with them, and suprisingly burned the discs at 16x. The 8x Optodisc media arent so good though, as they are bad at the edges.

Anybody else ever had this sort of success with unknown slow media at high speeds?

Here are the scans anyway, the first is the 1x disc at 16x, and the other is the 8x optodisc @ 8x (even though 16x was selected) just for a comparison.

1: POMSA001 R0 1x PC Line branded @ BenQ 1650 @16x SB:ON OS:ON WOPC:ON
2:OPTODISC OR8 8x PC Line Branded @ BenQ 1650 @8x SB:ON OS:ON WOPC:ON


POMSA001… Plasmon? :confused:


The slowest rated speed for +R media is 2.4x, so the ‘1x’ listed on the disc is not an accurate representation of its rated speed. I’m not familiar with the media code, although I agree it does look sort of like something Plasmon might use. Considering the ‘001’ and ‘R0’ in the media code, it could easily be 2.4x or 4x, based off of the media code numbering used by other media. I get good results with RICOHJPN R01 4x media at 8x and 12x, haven’t tried 16x, and CMC R01 2.4x media burns well at 8x and 12x as well, haven’t tried 12x with those either. BTW, I’ve used a few brands of Optodisc OR8, most of them burn very well but I’ve gotten a couple of batches that burn poorly just at the edge as yours did. Batch consistency seems to vary alot but they burn great if you get a decent batch.


I think you’re correct in guessing it’s Plasmon… A little googling lead me right back here:


Looks like your results fared way better than other Plasmon media.


The code is plasmon.
However as plasmon is hardly making media themselves I doubt that the disc was made by PLasmon.
This also explains the large variance in quality.

I do know sky used this code. And if this really was a swisstec/sky disc then I would call it a exception !!!


Well three more burns seem to be about the same so im happy with my purchase, especially as the discs were only 10p each.


1x rated at 16x?

Scan them again in 1 week and expect to have a shitload of coasters.