Pc Lagging On Dvd Playback


Can anyone please help. I have a dvd rom (Liteon 16X) and a DVD burner (BenQ DW1640) they are both on Secondary IDE. Liteon is the MAster and BenQ is the slave and both are DMA on and Autorun on when tested with Nero InfoTool. However no matter what player I play with. The DVD always lag. It sought of trips everything few seconds constantly throughout the entire dvd and it drives me crazy. I tried everything I can think of to fix the problem but I cant. SO is there anyone who can help me out

Check if DMA is enabled for all drives. If not, enable it.

Also the quality of the media is important, even if its pressed doesn’t mean it must be good…

Well the poster does say DMA is on for both. What is missing is the rest of the system specs, memory, processor, possibly mobo, graphics memory, what software is actually being used to play, etc. Is it actually an orignal, back up, or home made DVD you are playing?

DMA is diffenetly on. The media is Original. It does it for all media.

The system im trying to use it on is an older type.

It is a PIII 800EB
Has 40Gb Hd
768Mb ram
128MB Geforce Video Card

I have used a few software to play. I used Windows. Nero Showtime, PowerDvd, Alcohol.

do you happen to get the same issue for just using the cdrom drive?

Even if windows is showing you that DMA would be on doesn’t mean it is really on in evry case.

Open Devicemanager, uninstall both IDE channels and the drive entries, then reboot and check again.

should I uninstall both primary and secondary IDE channels

I uninstalled secondary and primary IDE channels. I also unistalled VIA Bus Master IDE controller I really dont know what that is. They have been re installed and DMA is still on. However I still have the same problem. What else can i try… PLEASE HELP :a

Run DXDIAG and check for problems.
Maybe overlay has to be enabled, also check in the gfx card driver prefs.

I ran DXDIAG. I did all tests and it said they all passed. How do I know if overlay is enabled I couldnt get that.

Also what should I look for when checking gfx card driver prefs

should my sound card accelerator be on MAX. I have noticed that when I play a dvd. it seems like the graphics are fine, but the sound is lagging and breaking up like a scratchy sound. Does that mean my actual problem is not the playback, i.e of the graphics but my actual sound card or is this problem related to a setting problem.

Overlay is shown in the gfx card prefs.