PC Kit For Grand Children

Greetings! Everyone. I am thinking about buying this system and build it for my Grand Children. Any thoughts on this system? It is $279.99 after $10.00 mail rebate. I already have an extra monitor. Or any other suggestions for something around this price?

Thanks In Advance
Mr. Bill :slight_smile:


How old are the grandchildren? I have an E4300 here with 2GB RAM and a 250 gig HDD - certainly does the trick for what I need it for (everything but gaming).

Any ideas what they like to do, are they avid gamers?

Hi, Arachne.
One is 14 years old and the other one is 11. I don’t think that they will be playing a lot of games. Maybe educational games. So you think that this system is O.K. for them? (Grand Daughters).

Mr.Bill :slight_smile:

If they’re not heavily into gaming, I’d say, yes definitely. :slight_smile:

I use my similar machine heavily (I’m running Vista BTW), this includes some video conversion occasionally, and it works well. Haven’t noticed anything running slowly yet :wink:

O.K. Thanks again Arachne. I am going to get it for them. I am going to install Windows XP Pro.

Mr. Bill :slight_smile:

You’re welcome - I had XP Pro on mine before installing Vista :slight_smile:

Hope your granddaughters enjoy their new PC! :smiley: