PC keeps switching off - not sure if hardware or software related

Last night my daughter’s PC kept switching off whenever she accessed Windows. It would boot up in Safe Mode, however.

Now, this morning Windows worked. But then it kept switching off at a certain point on an internet game according to her. I tried various things like uninstalling the hardware monitor and the PC kept restting seeingly randomly within a few minutes of being in Windows.

I had enough so decided to put the Windows CD in and do a repair job to see if that would fix it - curiously enough however, as soon disc had finished loading various things and was about to go to the screen with the user agreement and you have to press F8 to agree (and at the bottom it said something like ‘Loading Windows’), the PC switched off again.

I have no idea what could be causing this but it does seem Windows related, maybe something to do with BIOS too?

I tried a System Restore in Safe Mode but the system went through the motions and then told me that it couldn’t restore it.

Throughout this, Windows has asked to be validated again 3 times, even though I have validate it again each time.

Maybe the best thing to do is a fresh install, and not a repair. Usually this solve any issue.

Another thing you can do is check the RAM memory. Often random resets are due to a damaged RAM chip. You can run the memtest overnight for some hours and see if there are problems in RAM. If yes, then you need to buy a new RAM chip and this should solve.

Check also that the CPU cooler is working correctly. Often CPU overheating cause the BIOS to automatically shut down the computer. A correct case ventilation is also needed, so maybe you can add a front fan blowing fresh air in and a rear fan blowing hot air out of the case.

[QUOTE=geno888;2012692]Maybe the best thing to do is a fresh install, and not a repair. Usually this solve any issue.[/quote]Thanks, but as I said above, I cannot access the installation console on the CD.

As for overheating, I thought about that and after shuting down checked the temperaturte in BIOS - not very high, 50 degrees C max.

Could be a virus?

[QUOTE=groovemeister;2012695]Thanks, but as I said above, I cannot access the installation console on the CD.[/QUOTE]

:eek: That’s weird! Booting from the installation CD should allow to do a fresh install. I wonder why you cannot do this. Maybe you can run an “extreme” measure. Remove the HDD from the computer, install it on an external box or in another computer, and then format it.

Finally, install again the formatted HDD in the other computer and try again to do a fresh install. This should work :slight_smile:

[QUOTE=THE C.;2012703]Could be a virus?[/QUOTE]For once [I]THE C[/I], I’ve to agree with you. :slight_smile:
MSN, the worse crap that ever been invented on this Earth by Virosoft, (aka Microsoft)*. :a

A clean install as suggested by [I]geno888[/I] is the way to go.
And by next setup groovemeister, please learn you daughter to use alternatives to MSN, hopefully Linus based chat programs. Google will give you a variety of options.

(* I’ve the very same experience from my son’s early ages chatting history.)