when i make a CD-Image withe CloneCd my comp. gets
so slow even my mouse-pointer begins to stuck.
I have controlled the DAM-Settings they are ok for both
drives - Reader : Thoshiba 1402 (U-DMA-2) - Master IDE 2
and - writer : LiteOn 40/12/48 (U-DMA-2) - Slave IDE 2
My System is WinXp Pro, 256MB-Ram, AMD K6-450,GForce 2 Pro.
This behavior started with CloneCd 4.
The drive ( Thos. ) reads with full speed but my comp as i said
is extrem slow until the end of reading of the CD.
And the CPU Usage is at maximum.
The same System withe CloneCd 3 was OK :frowning:

thx for help :wink:


sounds like another prob not clone cd 2% during reading on my sys i fond xp to do sometimes on other programs i have im runing1900xp 768DDR ram and when reboot it’s fine, if not i find the program causing it unistall it reinstall it.

also make sure u have all tha newest CRITICAL updates for windows xp :slight_smile:

LOL K62 450!!! Sheeshe even a P4 system or an AMD XP system is around $400.00 now why are you STILL USING that OLD processor. Just because moses used that processor doesn’t mean you have to lmao… And to top it off you put a burden on it that it can’t quite carry which of course is windows XP (spyware) I hope you have a firewall installed but I doubt it can move fast enough to block anything!!! Seriously I am not trying to start anything but some people treat computers like used cars they think that just because they paid x amount for it that they should get so many years out of it. Even though the processor might live that long it doesn’t mean that is is still useful after a certain time. I am running a PIII 800 mhz with ASUS CUSL2-C mobo with 512mb ram 40 gig drive 7200 rpm ge force 2 mx 400 leadtek 32 mb win2000 pro with sp2 and I am planning on updating at the end of this year or beginning of next year it depends on when they make a P4 3 GHZ 2.4 is not enough for me and 100 mhz system bus sucks for such a fast processor so when they fix that too then I will be selling the farm for that upgrade. The faster your pc can keep up with raw data flow the better you are at copying cds and burning large amounts of data and hopefully windows will get faster too. Have you ever loaded windows 3.11 on a pentium 2 or 3??? It loads REAL FAST lol so windows 98/me/2k should do the same. Anyway sorry to laugh at you but you have to admit that 400 mhz is past it’s time:-)

I think the speed of the mentioned PC is OK for burning !

I DONT NEED A 2.4 or 3 or 5 or 6 Ghz PC for burning :wink:

I have a second PC with PIII 800 for games.

And if you cloud read ( F_ukregistering ) cicotte has the same
prob with his monster PC so it is a software prob
Clone or WinXp !?!?

The same System was ok with the previos version of CloneCd.

Sell what you want for your system it does not solve my prob :open_mouth:

Thx for help anyway.

Originally posted by hallo51
[B]I think the speed of the mentioned PC is OK for burning !

I DONT NEED A 2.4 or 3 or 5 or 6 Ghz PC for burning :wink: [/B]
Correct. I suspect that something is running in PIO Mode…updated the chipset drivers lately?

Solved my prob.

You´r right FutureProof updated my UDM-Drivers (ALI P5A)

1´st time (2 or 3 months ago ) i updated this driver my burner didn´t worked after the update , it was a Plextor 12/10/32,
and this time it works but my buner is now a LiteOn40/12/48.
Could be an incompatibility with the Plex.

anyway thx :wink: