PC + Home DVD hybrid


i’m searching of a possibility to write on a single dvd,
both dvd video (for home dvd players)
and software content (for PC computers).

for example:

  • on the dvd player goes the content of video_ts folder, etc.
  • on the computer goes AUTORUN.INF, some programs after that, etc.

do you think that it’s possible
and if yes - with what software


should work. make an autorun.inf file with notepad. when you burn the dvd burn it as data and add your VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS and your autorun.inf and your other file/s to the compilation and burn all of them at one time.

Yeah, sounds good to me. I’d probably just make a new DVD-Video in Nero, drop the DVD files in the VIDEO_TS folder, and the other files however you want.