PC hardware for virtualization



Hello everyone, I need some advice for building a computer which is just for virtualization.
Should be able to run 4-6 System at once from Linux to Windows.
Host system will be a linux.
Basically I just need a motherboard, lots of ram, powerful cpu and power source.
Everything else i got here.
I’m not into hardware and I don’t care about a special brand it just has to work and shouldn’t exceed 500€ = 556$ (today).
Less would be better :smiley:
I would also go for older or used components or system from ebay, etc…
When you need any extra info please let me know.
Thanks for your help and advice and maybe my idea with this budget is not realistic.

edit: Sorry if I’m in the wrong part of the forum it should be in Building your own PC I guess


moved to Building your own PC, just in case. :wink:

A system based on a decent Core i5 would leave a little more room in your budget to get while allowing you a wider range of hardware choices. You would have more headroom to go for 32 GB of RAM (for 6 concurrent virtual systems with 3.5 GB apiece, plus the memory for the host OS, 24 GB would be fine, I’d think), and a decent consumer motherboard could be had for less than the cost of an i5.

The downside to going with the i5 is you don’t get HyperThreading (generally), so the 4 cores you get are the 4 cores you get. But you can’t step up to a Xeon-based system without incurring more costs in one area or another, so staying with a build based on consumer parts seems ideal.

As for the power supply, Seasonic is a reputable brand. Depending on the amount of storage you’d have, 400W or 500W from a Seasonic (or Seasonic-based) power supply would work nicely. I’m not sure how other brands’ power supplies are at this point in time, though I think most reputable brands are pretty solid regardless.