PC hangs when I try to start Moviejack up

Hi. I’m new to this, so I’d be grateful for any help/response. I upgraded my CPU in the summer, and although I kept my Lite On 40x burner and Toshiba DVD player, I now have an Asus mobo, a PIV 2.8 and 512Mb DDR. I juggled my HDs and have over 200Gb on two discs divided into 5 partitions. I formatted my new boot partition and reinstalled WXP Home, which has now been updated with SP1 and all new security patches and driver updates, everything except MSN and something to do with Table PC. I reinstalled most of my previous apps., including Moviejack 1, which had worked perfectly for me on my old PC (ie: alongside these same apps. as well as other programs I have yet to reinstall, and fewer free Gbs). Try to start up MJ and get a nasty surprise - the PC hung before MJ had started up even! No response at all from PC requiring manual reset. In short, I updated to full (and last - 2.09.something) version of MJ2, but with the same result - I click on an MJ programme option and the splashscreen comes up, but then the thing hangs before MJ is actually started. Format C: again, clear MJ completely off my discs/partitions. Download MJ2 again and install: same result. Clear MJ off disc again, manually clean Registry of anything that might hang on in there as far as I can as well as running RegSupreme, download MJ3 trial version. Same result. PC hangs before the software even loads. To cap it all, I tried installing my old MJ1 on my teenage daughter’s Duron 600 WMe machine - and it works fine :confused: The only new software I have on my new CPU is Norton Systemworks, but even that had not as yet been installed when MJ1 hung the first time. Anyone got any ideas to help me? Many thanks to those who respond.

Can you please try the latest version 3.5? Does it hang, too?
Did you try to wait a few minutes? There might be a delay due to initializing the virtual drives…

I will download v3.5 and try it, but it will have to be in a few days’ time. But even if it works, I would not feel very happy about being “obliged” to buy a new version. I just cannot understand why the previous version/s do not work as they should. As regards the waiting for the virtual drives to be initialized, well, yes, I waited - quite a long time… ! But thanks for your help, whatever.

I didn’t say “buy the new version”, I just want to find out how the different versions behave because we can possibly draw conclusions from that. We haven’t had any such reports about version 3 as of yet, so I don’t have a solution for you at hand instantly. Can you please try the latest version and give me feedback about how it behaves on your computer?

I downloaded and tried v.3.5. It started up without a hitch, but when I tried to backup my daughter’s latest dvd (Matrix Reloaded) I got a small window telling me not to rip protected DVDs. Then the PC hung. So I tried with another, a DVD called “Insomnio” in Spanish (I don’t know what the original title is, but it stars Al Pacino and Robin Willimas and, as far as I know, didn’t make it big on general release, so I don’t think it’s a blockbuster like the Matrix Reloaded with lots of anti-copy devices), and the same thing happened again; the warning window came up (with the name Moviejack 3 in the blue frame to the top left), and then the pc hung completely, as with MJ1 and MJ2.

That’s really very strange, we haven’t had any such reports about complete hangs. May I ask you to sign up for our betatest program? Ofcourse we are always interested in tracking down and fixing such compatibility issues. Just send me an email, mention your username here and that I told you to contact me because of Moviejack hang problems.