PC hangs during Audio CD-Rip

CD Audio - Problem

PC hangs when ripping CD (and also when playing CD Audio with Windows Media Player).


  1. I begun ripping my music CDs with “Free CD to MP3 Converter” SW (found at Tucows). It worked well for about 20 CDs, then the problem begun.

  2. Usually, in the end of a track the access to the CD/DVD player hangs. There is no way to end any applications trying to access the player.

  3. First I blamed the ripping software and changed to “Audiograbber”, but the problem remained. I also recognised that the problem occurs when playing a Audio CD from Windows Media Player (usually in the beginning of a track, but not always on the same track). Sometimes it works for minutes, and then the audio stops and all applications trying to access the player hangs (including File-browser).

The following drivers are installed for the player:

Pioneer A06 DVD/CD Writer is used as player.

Any Idea what causes the problem?

I don’t know what might be causing the problem but I’ve some recommendations for software.

For ripping I’d use Cdex. It’s a great program & free. Another alternative is EAC , also free.

For playing try the free version of Winamp.

Could be that the “beloved” Windows Media player is interfering here…
TimC already mentioned the recommended tools. :wink:

The problem is probably caused by a driver or a service. Any program accessing a Audio CD hangs!
I doubt that Audiograbber is causing this problem.


Gotta agree with that. However, I’ve another suggestion to add for a player: QCD, also free!