PC Games on EBAY



As many of you know, and in my sig, I have been developing a collection of tutorials,guides,faqs etc. to be put into one compiled HTML Help File (.chm). It is going quite well, but I am close to hitting a dead end. I need more games. It is near impossible to buy games here(LaserLock especially), that are a bit old but still have copy protection on them. I have spend about $50 on games that I was lead to believe had copy protection on them, but since they are a bit old, they get published by a value software company which takes the protection away.

My question is, do you think it would be safe to buy a bunch of PC games off EBAY?

I mean if I could find them here it would be great, but since I am only a small chap, I dont get that much money.



What you could do is buy the games do what ever you want with them, then a sudden fault makes the game not work and have to go back to the shop.

Ebay is great, they do have buyer and seller protection.


eBay rocks. You could even sell them after you are done your testing if you wanted. :slight_smile: