PC Games for RENT?


My question is : it’s legal for store to rent a pc games ( Canada ) ?

for only 4.50$ - 1 or 2 days ( oryginal cd + serial number )


If they have a license to do so, yes.
If they are using regular software as can be bought by end-users (regular consumers), I don’t think so (depends on EULA I’d imagine).

If you look at video rentals, these are special tapes/DVDs, covered by special licenses (for which you have to pay more than the consumer price)

on the covers and Cd’s - the message is: not for duplicate , rent etc…

In that case then no, they shouldn’t be doing it. The majority of PC software for rent are nearly all games, and If I remember right the stuff either runs totally off the CD/DVD or the serial will only work for a short ammount of time (say 2 weeks or so).

If you think that the shop owner is breaking the licence agreement then have a look on the box and see if theres a phone number or e-mail address to contact the software owners, tell them about it and they will take care of the rest.