PC game will not launch- bypass securom?




Can someone please advise me on how to play a retail game off a disc that refuses to launch because of secuROM security module 13001 message.

Nothing i try ever works. It was working for a while even when i have daemon tools lite installed & running. So its nuts now that it wont play even when DT is uninstalled & all virtual drives disabled. Contact support from secuROM is only said to try remove sptd.sys device driver, but its already uninstalled as far as i know.

I have read many threads about tweaking & deleting registry entries & none work. serious its impossible to play.

So it there a way to back up my disc & ditch this god awful secuROM? Or would the game exe itself have secuROM in it?

please help.


The sheer presence of DAEMON Tools and/or SPTD shouldn’t cause that kind of security module message.
SecuROM support often tends to blame others for their own faults.

Which game are you talking about ?
Please install the SecuROM Diagnostics Tool and follow the instructions to update your application - if possible.
If that doesn’t help use the official Removal tool and try again after a reboot.

Maybe it’s also worth a try to temporarily disable all non-Microsoft services to narrow down a possible conflict.
http://support.microsoft.com/kb/929135/en or https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=8043-EUJN-5239