Pc game to ps2 game

I have a game that called “The battle for middle earth 2”. Can anybody tell me how to turn that pc game into a ps2 format video game. I also want to know if thats possible to do even…

I’m afraid not. It’s a completely different platform in so many ways.

Okay then how about a easier question:

How do you make the game faster?(the battle for middle earth 2)

I am experiencing slow speeds.

and thats why I thought of changing a pc game to a ps2 game.

Faster CPU. Faster (and more) memory. Better grapics card.
Without knowing your setup, it’s a difficult question.

I have this setup:

Microsoft windows xp professional

version 2002

service pack 2

Nivdia Geforce 5200 fx

and thats all I think I can say.

What about the RAM and the processor speed plus is the RAM on the video card?

Nivdia Geforce 5200 fx

LOL, I wouldn’t even try with that old gfx card.

Yes, that is a very old video card. If you want a nice mid-range video look at the Geforce 7600. It’s made by several manufacturers. Here’s one review i had bookmarked http://www.hardwarezone.com/articles/view.php?id=1855&cid=3&pg=1

That would be really freaking cool if that would be possble.
Unfortunately the hardware schematics and usage is completely different on consoles (well, except Xboxes perhaps :slight_smile: ).

Did you by any chance actually checked the recommended computer specifications on the package of this game?