PC game copying, sharing habits revealed in Trymedia poll

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 At the 

March 24 Game Developers Conference, secure distribution technology and services
provider Trymedia
Systems shared results from a recent random survey from their…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/8021-PC-game-copying-sharing-habits-revealed-in-Trymedia-poll.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/8021-PC-game-copying-sharing-habits-revealed-in-Trymedia-poll.html)

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I copy and return games because i’m a tight bastard. End of.

I would be very hesitant to believe that a survey conducted on the website of a copy protection company was truly “random” or impartial. For all I know, the owners of the company filled out 90% of the survey responses, plugging in data which was favourable to them. That would certainly not be an unprecedented PR move. :S

I ought to be honest… I pirate a lot of stuff. But then, I’m also one of the biggest legitimate customers to the movie and PC game industries I know! I may have over 200gb of Warez and DivX but then I go to the cinema twice a week or so and have many dozens of DVDs. Also, I organise LAN parties regularly, and there’s NO WAY ON EARTH I can get 10-20 people to all have a copy of every game we want to play… it’s totally unreasonable for them to expect us all to buy it. Yet without these LAN parties, most of these people would buy many, many fewer games! It’s time business woke up and realised that copies made DOES NOT equal sales lost, much the reverse in fact! As for the music industry, it has no intention of making reasonably priced downloads widely available online. The simple reason is that it wont allow the anachronistic approach of expensive (but profitable) high street stores selling overpriced goods to be overtaken by efficient online distribution, where comsumers wont tolerate immense profit margins. Nobody can morally justify copying for profit.

Exactly, and if games were say five to seven quid you’d probably not bother, and just buy it…
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StarGhost… don’t count on that for long. Atleast it didn’t last long here in the states. I can’t think of a single store that will accept returns on opened games, CDs, DVDs… etc… Anything that can be copied. They’ll exchange it, but there’s no way you’re getting anything back once it’s open. I’d imagine that practice will soon be everywhere.

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