PC game copy protection?

I’ve just bought a PC game (Football Manager 2006) and I wanted to make a backup but I’m certain it has a type of copy protection on the CD.

The problem is though, how do I find out which copy protection is on the CD?

Is there a program out there that can identify the type of copy protection on the CD?

And which burning program is the best for backing up this type of disc? I’ve heard that Alcohol, CloneCD and Blindwrite can create near perfect backups of copy protected discs.

Any help would be much appreciated.

I have only messed with software copy protections a little, but as I understand it, you may have to try a few diffrent programs to find what copy protection it is, then find the appropriate method to get past it. what programs you use to get past it can be dependant on what the copy protection is.
Here are programs to find out what the copy protection is and some info on getting past them.
here are some guides to get past certain protections
and here is the forum where you can find more info.

Thanks for the links.

I’ll look into it.

I’ve just found it that it’s got the SafeDisc v2 copy protection.

Which burning program would be best for making a near perfect backup of this game?

I managed to backup this game successfully.

I downloaded Alcohol 120% and followed the instructions in the SafeDisc guide from the links provided by ripit.

I have a LG GCE-8320B CD Rewriter and the backup works.

Note that I read the original disc with this CD Rewriter drive and obviously wrote back to CD with the same drive.

Alcohol really made the whole process very easy.

And just one thing, the backup only worked in the CD Rewriter drive and not my DVD Rewriter or DVD ROM drives. In the DVD ROM and DVD Rewriter drives, the game had trouble accessing the backup CD and refused to start the game. The problem was solved though by putting the backup CD in my CD Rewriter drive.

Just thought someone here may want to know that.