PC Game Backup Problems

I am trying to make a back up copy of a PC game that I own. I have tried multiple software programs, including Alcohol 120, 5 star, CloneCD. It seems that the problem is coming from the protection that the PC Game has on it. I downloaded a couple different progs to solve that, but still no luck.

If there is anything that I should know, or if anyone has some advice or a step by step kinda deal on what I need to do to get this game copied, please let me know.


Well the first thing you should do is give us a bit more information.

What game is it?

Is it a cd or a dvd?

What copy protection, if any, does it use? [Scan with A-Ray scanner to find out.]

What burner/s and other cd/dvd rom/s do you have?

The game is The Sims 2.

It is a CD.

Couldn’t get A-Ray to work, but used another and it said it was a SafeDisk V2.

My burners are SONY CD-RW CRX216E PD01 [D] & _NEC DVD+RW ND-2100AD 106F [E].

I hope that helps. Thanks for the help.