PC Game Back-up help

Hi all.

My Brother wants me to back-up Sims2 and all his expansions for him because the CD is becoming incredibily scratched and he keeps losing the discs.

What ive done is ive downloaded ARAY Scanner and Alcohol 120%, i also have Daemon tools lite but i never use it.

Heres whats happening so far;

Ive used aray scanner to find the SafeDisc 2/3. Which is correct.

Then i get to Alcohol 120%. When i try to make a image it comes up with 100-1000 error messages saying “Disc read error” or something also those lines.

I got some random DVD-RW drive
and a LG CD-RW

Help please

Read errors are normal for safedisc protected cds [it’s part of the protection]. Just be patient and allow the reading process to complete and note that it will speed up after the first 3% or so of the disc as all the unreadable sectors will be in the first ~10,500 sectors.