PC freezing, now not powering up

my PC has frooze a few times lately, restarting it fixed it, but this morning when i restarted it, nothing happens.

no post screen, just the HDD light stays on & on & on… :bigsmile:

not sure if it would be the M/B or a HDD failure.

later on today i’ll blow out the case with compressed air, reseat the RAM and check the cables, but i’ve not been inside it for 6 months +

any ideas :smiley:

If the fans never start to turn it could be the MB. Most of the time with a HDD failure you will see the post and then the OS failure to load message. Be shure to check the power switch wires and the PSU.

I recently had both my PCs go down. One was a HDD failure. The second was power switch pulled out from the MB when I changed HDD (I was about to change MB on that one when I found the lose connection).

thanks, i will do.

just when your on about the PSU, if it was gone, the HDD light would not light up, would it?, and i’m sure i heard a fan at least going, would that not say at least it was working?

The PSU has many connections it can fail in only some areas. Once you open the case see if you can hear the HDD turning. If you can try connecting your monitor to on board video. If the PSU, CPU, Ram, Video and MB are OK you should see a POST even if nothing else is connected [I]ie[/I] keyboad, mouse, HDD, optical drives, and other cards. The fact you have no POST makes me think MB, or connection; If with the case open the fans turn and you hear the HDD spining up but no POST think video card problems.

Since you are posting here you must have a second PC. Can you connect the suspect HDD to it? Or use it to test some suspect parts?

thanks CC

i’m up at my brothers house just now, he’s away on holiday, but i don’t think he’d like me fiddling around with his PC.

i’ve another graphics card i can try, but would that cause the HDD light stay on, but not flashing/loading ?

thanks for all the help :iagree:

I assume the HDD light is on the PC case, which could simply mean power is supplied to the HDD and not flashing = nothing being loaded. (if you had video you might see an error message)
The lack of a visable POST on the monitor more critical (no way to access BIOS).
Don’t forget monitors can also fail.

read here

also this http://forums.techguy.org/hardware/567399-no-post.html

ok, thanks CC, i have to go just now, but i’ll try the things you’ve mentioned



i’ve changed out the graphics card, unpluged my slave HDD, modem, ODD, reseated my RAM & put it back to the factory 512Mb (2x256, dual channel M/B), blew all the dust out with compressed air, all fans working (case & CPU).

i put in my slave HDD as master and it’s still the same, it’s not going to POST, so i’m rulling out the HDD’s (hopefully)

my motherboard is an Asus A7n8x deluxe
theres a green light on, inbetween the bottom 2 PCI slots, if that helps?

It sure looks like a MB problem, but let others make an opinion.

CCRomeo, i was thinking about what you said about the monitor, it got me thinking, if the monitor was faulty, i’d still hear it booting up, but no graphics.

hope my thinking/logic would be right.

yip, it does look like a MB or PSU problem though

Rare that the PSU would power up the fans and HDD and you still see no POST looks like a MB problem. If you tried a second vidio card and monitor and still no POST focus now on the MB.

Yes, if all was OK except the monitor or video output you should hear a beep and the OS trying to load (had that problem from an old Mac G3 with dead monitor)

thanks for your help, now trying to see if i can still get a socket A motherboard :bigsmile:

best of luck http://www.pcconnection.com/ProductDetail?sku=5452031&srccode=cii_9324560&cpncode=11-35022529-2

i see thats a Socket 754 MB, but my CPU is a socket A, there not interchangeable are they :confused:

Not sure, do a google for the MB with the socket you will need.

mines is a socket A, just wondering how you gave a link to a socket 745, no worries


MY bad quick but wrong response, search for the MB with the correct socket.

It looks like newegg still carried a socket a motherboard.
In all honesty though, you are not going to find very many of them. I had a water cooling leek on a socket a motherboard a little while back. I did a lot of searching and there are very few left out there. Most are way over priced. It might be a good time to consider upgrading. Even socket 939 motherboards are diseapearing (anything ddr1 I guess).

There are still some out there like this
But you would be insane to spend that much on a socket a motherboard.
decent socket am2 motherboards start at about 60-70$
and 70$ for an athlon 64 x2

Of course if you still want to use your ddr memory, there are still a few socket 939 boards and chips around.

But be aware, 939 stuff is disapearing. socket am2 would give you a lot better options for future upgradability (you might not be able to find a socket 939 cpu down the road to upgrade too). DDR2 memory has gotten quite cheap.

thanks for the links ripit, thats gave me some info on what to look for here in the UK.

i was thinking about buying a new PC, but this morning i thought about an upgrade (MB, cpu, ram, psu) and have a bit of fun fitting them :slight_smile:

ps; i take it you can get ide to sata crossovers for using my exsisting HDD’s

will i be able to use my OEM copy of XP with that amount of upgrade*(i doubt it knowing M$ :bigsmile: )