Pc freezes while ripping dvd...pls help!



when im trying to copy a dvd, my pc will freeze. Usually during the ripping process. I have tried multiple burning programs, the same thing happens.
the drive will play cds and dvds, and even copy cds. Any help would be greatly appreciated…

I am running Xp w/sony dru-810a dvd/cd rw drive
1.3ghz amd athlon
384mb ram


Fron Device Manager, check DMA/UDMA is enabled…


Also, remove all temporary crap files from your hard disk with something like Ccleaner (a freeware program) www.ccleaner.com/ and then do a defrag and stick with it, even if it takes more than half an hour. Make it a point, from now on, to clean your HD with Ccleaner after a heavy download or ripping session and defrag as well. Good luck and welcome to the forum. :wink:


I would also add disable your internet while burning and keep you hands off the computer during the burn. Your computer does not have a lot of ram and you could have some program starting and or trying to go to the internet while burning the DVD. there is a program callled enditall that ia free that you could run before you start burn.
go here for initall program