PC freezes when opening folders

Hey Guys,
I’ve just encountered a strange problem & I’m hoping someone can shed some light on the issue. In the last couple of days my computer will freeze when I go to open certain folders on my HD. 2 of the offending folders have photos from the net & the other has small mpeg clips also from the net.
The folders open OK but then the computer just freezes & I have to Ctrl, Alt,Del to close the folder. I’ve never encountered this before and even stranger is I deleted these folders and copied them from a backup disc I’d made & same problem happened.

Just wondering does it sound like a virus or some problem with the harddrive? I also defragged & problem remained & scanned the folders & no viruses showed. Thanks in advance to anyone that could help.

Running Windows XP sp2.
P4 with 512mb ram.
40 gig HD with 20gig free.

This happened to me once and the fault was a corrupted file in the affected folder. When windows explorer tried to open or give details of all the files in the folder it would just freeze.
There is an alternative third party explorer, which may help. Try goggle or your favourite download site.
Try navigating to the folder with some other program, photo paint or similar for the stills and a movie player for the others. When the program refuses to load a certain file then it’s likely to be corrupt and if you can do without it delete it.
I hope this helps you.

Thanks for the reply Weedougie, I’ll try opening each file & go from there,
Thanks Again.