PC freezes when loading cd/dvd in ND-3520

Hello folks……I have a NEC ND-3520AW. My problem is that my PC freezes about 3 of 5 times when I am loading a cd or dvd. Its happen whit original, burned and empty cd/dvd`s. I have cleaned the lens and I am using FW 3.07. Some times it even freezes at the end of the burning process. Those times the pc not freezes the playing/reading goes fin. Dose anyone have a clue what the problem can bee???

I am using :

Win XP sp2
Nero 6.6
MSI mainboard
Geil Ram
ATI TV card

You have software & drivers installed that crap up your computer.

Clean it out and try again.

Iam sorry for this stupid question, but can you bee a lit more specific??? I have just built the pc, and I started with a clean HD

What IDE drivers are installed?

i have two sata hd installed and one dvd burner. The driver for the burner is 5.1.2535.0 from Microsoft.

What software/dvd players are installed, also what burning softwares?

I have windows mediaplayer 10 and nero 6.6.

Boot up in SAFE MODE, then try to access the media.

Also check Event-Viewer.