Pc Freezes randomly


need some help or ideas plz , iam having problems with my pc as stated above it freezes randomly, at time it just stays in the bios , or it stays at the windows logging window , other times i mange to log in but after a while it freezes , ill explain wot ive done since:

1 cleaned the cpu , cpu fan

  1. replaced the heat sink compound on the cpu

3 taken out one of the ram slots

4 changed keyboard

5 run software program when i could some kind of cleaner and registry something

6 made a new partition and installed a new windows on it

all of the above unsuccessful , yet i was able to get a pic from a program called everest giving certain type of info, ive attached to this , plz plz plz dont no were to turn to anymore just thinking psu might be dying.

Id appreciate any of your help

thanking you in advance


Screen shot helps but not knowing what your hardware specs and setup or software installation won’t do much to know what is happening or how your setup is set to run. The info you provided is to vague to know what is going on.

What info would u need exactly , ty for replying

Try running memtest86+ and see if you have some faulty memory chips. You’ll need to let it run for a few hours before stopping it.

You can download it here: http://www.memtest.org/#downiso Get the pre-compiled Bootable ISO in a zip file. Once you have it, unzip the package and burn the ISO to a cd. Since your computer is acting up, you may have to download and burn on another computer.

You will need the computer bios set to boot from the optical drive first, not the hard drive.

Put the cd in the optical drive of your computer, then reboot. Memtest 86+ will start up before the operating system can boot, and it will run on its own. As I said before, let it run for a few hours and you should get [B]NO[/B] errors showing up if the memory is good. The program will run until you stop it.

If the computer shuts down while running the program and there are no errors showing at the time, you’ve probably got other issues, like a faulty psu or bad capacitors on the motherboard…could be a lot of things. The temperatures you’ve posted don’t look bad at all, but not sure I trust them to be accurate.

Kerry thanx alot for the info after an hour or so ive managed to get that program running , ill keep u posted with the outcome , thank you


Kerry , froze after 11 min 4 sec nothing under errors :frowning:

It could very well be a bad hard drive. If you have a extra load windows on it and give it a go.

Just to add to the above , i unplugged the power supply cable that leads to the motherboard , blew into it plugged it again and seems to be ok again , though i think its the power supply , any opinions plz?

Could be either PSU or motherboard (even CPU also). Somehow I missed information about these components.


Omg , so how am i meant to fund out which of three parts is the obe giving me the problem ??? :frowning:

Sometimes it takes specialized equipment, or lots of replacement parts that you can swap in and out.

I think definitely people need more info on your set up before anybody could make an educated guess on this problem. I myself have had lock ups caused by bad ram, by a power supply on its last legs and not powerful enough to run my graphics card, CPU, Hard disks and several USB devices plugged in all at the same time. It’s also happened to me when my Bios settings have been changed after a total rebuild and part swap out.

What’s the Motherboard, Ram, Onboard or external graphics card, Power supply Rating and is it old ? Any other boards you’ve added.
You say you cleaned the CPU and fan were you careful and not short the CPU. What did you use to clean them ?

You swappad out the Ram . Did you keep the old ram and try putting that in again ? Are you sure the Ram you have in is correct for your motherboard ?

With a list of what’s in your machine, people may be able to narrow down the problem. Cheers and good luck fixing this.