Pc freezes on disk insertion



i have the following config:
OS: Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit
CPU: AMD Phenom X4 9650, 2300 MHz
Motherboard: Asus M3A78-EM
Chipset: AMD 780G, AMD K10
Memory: 3328 MB
Video Adapter: ATI Radeon HD 3200 Graphics
Disk Drive: ST3500418AS ATA Device (500 GB, 7200 RPM, SATA-II)

whenever i try to read a disk whether blank/burned ,pc freezes for sometimes with hard disk making clicking sound and HD LED activity also turn off (no blinking).it may unfreeze or again freezes.when i remove the disk ,pc works normal again.
i can 100% sure that if i try to burn any disk i will get a reset error from nero with these symptoms.
NOW ,if i fiddle with the sata and power cable of hard disk and dvd drive (like taking it out ,plugging back in ;changing different port;using different cables) ,these above problems MAY disappear ,it just trial & error method.now pc works normal like it read disks ,burn them ,just no error.then in time these symptoms again come back.
i am not able to reach the root cause of this problem.please help me ,this problem is haunting me for a long time.


It seems that your system has some hardware problems. There are some possibilities that you can explore trying to find the cause.

First of all, these clicking noises from hard disk are not a good thing. The first thing you should do is test if hard disk is damaged. Based on the code you provided, the disk should be a Seagate. Go here and get the test tool.

If you want run a quicker (but lesser accurate) test, you can use also CrystalDisk Info. Run it (no installation is required), and check the SMART. If there are errors in SMART, then is not necessary to use the Seagate tool to check the disk, because you have to get a new drive ASAP. If CrystalDisk Info shows no errors, then is better to check the disk with Seagate tool, to be sure that disk is good.

If the disk is damaged, then the only solution is to install a new disk. If data are still recoverable from the damaged disk, you can try to clone it with Acronis True Image, so you don’t need to reinstall or copy every file one at time.

Another possibility (because your problem seems to arise only after you insert a disc on the burner) is that the disc (CD or DVD) is damaged, so the computer temporarily freeze trying to recover data from the disc.

If the disc is damaged, the only thing you can do is trying to recover data, and burn them on a new CD/DVD.

Another possibility (quite rare but still possible) is that your PSU is not sufficient, and when you insert a disc on the drive is not able to provude enough current to feed the computer. This can actually damage the entire machine (never save money getting a cheap PSU).

If this problem arise [B]only[/B] when you use [U]burned[/U] discs but [B]not[/B] with [U]pressed[/U] discs, then the cause is definitely a faulty CD/DVD. Most optical media too bad are low quality discs, and can cause a lot of troubles (other than data loss). What brand are these discs?


thanx for reply,i have asked this problem in many forums earlier also but no solution.
i have checked the hard disk with seagate tool but it showed it normal .i also tried with other s.m.a.r.t. tools but results are normal.
pc freezes with any type of disks and i use verbatim disks from flipkart for burning.
as i said earlier that sometimes problem goes away by

  1. exchanging sata & power cable of HD and DVD drive
  2. unplugging both cables ,then plugging backin
  3. seperating power cables to different PSU rails.

just i don’t know exactly what solves the problem.:rolleyes:i try then see if the problem gone.if not try again.
i am also thinking that psu is not supplying enough juice to hard disk when a disk is inserted.BTW i have the mercury PSU that comes with mercury cabinet and i don’t have a stand-alone GFX card even i moved the system & cabinet fans to different PSU .but why using above methods , sometimes solves the problem ? :doh:


You’re welcome :slight_smile:

How old is the PSU? With time, PSU performance is degrading. The “too cheap” ones can degrade very quickly if they are made with poor quality components :frowning:

Maybe the swapping cables workaround means that electrical connections are not good, so when you move cables the situation improves temporarily.


Motherboard: Asus M3A78-EM

This MOBO has had several Bios updates for stability, Do you know what version you are on ?



my mobo is;
ASUSTeK Computer INC.
M3A78-EM Rev. X.0x
1302 - 12/26/2008

i know it has many updates but i am not comfortable doing bios updates.

does changing psu will solve the problem? so,any suggestion (flipkart) as if i may buy a discrete GFX card in future like HD6770.
my budget is low like upto 2K.

also are external burner be good in comparison to internal one in case my problem


also want to add that in severe case ,it starts to freeze anytime it want whether in browsing files & folders ,playing audio & video ,playing games ,during booting or even while no process running additionally.


You can start with the PSU unless you know someone that has a spare around that you can test with.

There has been 11 updates to the bios since the 1302 and most dealt with stability problems.I understand that you may not be comfortable doing a Bios update and rightly so, but if you know someone else that may be able to do it you should check into that.
Running Win 7 64 bit needs stability.

also want to add that in severe case ,it starts to freeze anytime it want whether in browsing files & folders ,playing audio & video ,playing games ,during booting or even while no process running additionally.

This could still be a Bios issue or memory issue or PSU you will need to try one fix at a time.The PSU would be a good place to start, just make sure you get a good one and not a cheap one that will not last very long.


Reading is blank media is kinda useless…

Seems that there is a config or driver problem.
How are the drives set up and have you installed special drivers for hdd and odd??


i have spare psu but they are also the cheaper and older ones.so i think i have to buy a new one to test it. shops here sell only the cheaper one ,so i have to buy it online.so please suggest one from here http://www.flipkart.com/browse/computers/components/power-supply-unit-20283?filter=priceBand_fa%3ARs.+1000+-+Rs.+2999&ref=c509f7d0-10ff-4288-8c4d-88ae9e3d86de
my requirements are gfx card like 6770 maybe in future ,not now.i have a low budget for the psu like the range given in the link.


The Corsair 430 or the Cooler Master 460 would be my first choice.

Though I have not tried Seasonic I heard they were also good.
Just my opinion from what I have used here in the States not sure of Quality in other country’s.


[QUOTE=bean55;2642799]The Corsair 430 or the Cooler Master 460 would be my first choice.


Sounds good from this selection.


sorry,for the late answer as my net was down due to monsoon showers here in india.
i had fixed my choice on "Corsair CMPSU-430CXV2UK PSU ".
but one night my pc just got freezed up in every 1min.so,i again done same plug/unplugging thing.after trying 3-4 times.now it is running fine with no single freezing and even i burned 3 dvds without any error.
now what ,is PSU the real culprit ? it is running fine now .what good will come in investing in new PSu ? i also know that in time this problem will again rise .
it just up-down-up-down-… for me.


Sounds like the easiest thing to start with is replacing cables.


i had already replaced both sata cables.are there any different types of sata cable? i also purchased new molex sata connectors .


After cables you go to power supply, in the meantime check out the wall socket and make sure you are getting good current there.


i called the electricity mechanic of the ups and said ups is working fine and giving its rated voltage.he said he can’t measure the current.
well i think this problem will remain with me .maybe i will buy another psu when i will buy gfx card.
at the end ,just tell me if a external DVD writer will work good for me ,without any error (as burning dvd correctly is my priority).does it have a external power supply ?


Yes some externals do have there own power cord.
This may not resolve the issue though, just saying if your computer itself is having problems with power it may still have issue burning until they are resolved.