PC File to DVD, Best program?

Whats the best program to take a video format on pc and convert to dvd? I’ve tried winavi video converter, its easy to use, doesnt take much time, but playback it jidders every 10-15 min. Its probally a crappy program so i’ll ask the pro’s. What you guys think? Thx in advance!

the best mpeg encoder is cce (cinema craft encoder)
the basic version cost 58$ the sp version 1950$ and theres also the pro dont know bout that one but probably even more expensive then the sp , anyway its not so easy to use

You should look here:


Sounds like you want a decent all-in-one converter app. They do everything for you, converting, authoring. CCE is indeed a first class choice, but your learning curve will be steep. An all-in-one, on the other hand, can use CCE or most other commercial encoders (and a few free ones as well). The Film Machine isn’t bad. DVD2SVCD is quite nice, a little bit harder to learn. VSO DivX to DVD is fairly good, no longer free. I’d venture to say many on this forum have the last freeware version, don’t know if it’s permissible to redistribute now that it’s payware (?).

Good luck. :wink:

If you are good with computers, DVD2SVCD+CCE will be both high quality, and also very powerful to customise to get the output just the way you want it. If you are less experianced dvdSanta will produce fairly good quality working results, with only a few clicks. I myself have never had much like with VSO’s DivXToDVD, allways ended up with frame problems.

Ben :slight_smile: