PC = F@cked?

Last night, I installed a newer version of Kazaa. I hadn’t had Kazaa or any antivirus software for months and wanted to check how my computer was doing. I found that I had some 213 infected files, most from the same virus (W23.Jeefo.) Anyway, then Kazaa decided to tell me it didn’t work probably and I couldn’t access quarntene to delete the virus. So, I did it the hard way, I deleted the virus info stored and all stored in quarentine via Kazaa’s folder. And then, it all started to go wrong after I found out I’d deleted key compenants to various programs big abd small all over my computer, not just the virus. Nothing worked, I had to reinstall near to everything I could think of. I did, but it’s obvious I’ve deleted stuff that’s not so easy to get back…I sometimes get warnings about “Win32 Generic host needing to close” or “Windows Explorer needing to close”. Still, I can take a few annoying pop up error boxes…what I can’t put up with is Windows Media Player telling me “An internal application error has occured”, which started not long ago today after I’d finished watching ep 108 of Naruto. Even my recycle bin has been fecked due to my managing to delete the Norton uninstaller and trying to remove everything Norton myself. Oh yeah, and I can’t use IE for my hotmail due to me now being unable to click links and get them to open, some anyway…I think it’s Java related.

Now, what the hell can I do?
I can’t reformat since I have no XP disc since XP came with the comp, and even if I did I’d lose most my anime (I can’t burn most file types to DVD’s.)

Edit: Oh, and my WMP issue started when I tried to play a AH 104/105th Naruto ep. I lost all my codecs and have tried to reinstall most, apprantly not enough…how can one Naruto ep feck up my machine more than it already is!? Same result with WMP even if a uninstall and reinstall…

start in safe mode and try restoring it back to a earlier point in time wish i had time to explain it but i have to run

ummm try to find copy of winxp from your freinds , your computer totally been crashed :open_mouth: .

well next time try to use latest firewal with antivirus , and use anti-spy programs like (spybot.search and destory)or(Webroot spy sweeper)

well i still use kazaa without any problem , (i won’t lie, i have been problem about kazaa , but with kazaa-lite everything is fine)

For the future, I recommend keeping all data files on a separate partition. This has two main advantages:

(1) Safeguards data in case the installation drive (partition) needs be reformated, and/or windows re-installed.
(2) Makes for easier backups

Also, if WMP is not behaving, try using MPC (Media Player Classic)

VLC (Video-Lan Client) is also suppose to be a good.


Norton (Symantec - sp?) is Evil I[/I].
–Exception: Partition Magic (previously owned by powerquest). I have never had a problem with this program.

For Anti-Virus, I have heard good things about:
NOD32 (what I use)
F-Secure/F-Protect (I don’t have a link handy).

For firewalls, it seems many people here prefer Kerio (at least based on the threads I have read. Search the forums if your interested.)

Sorry I could not be of more help, Good Luck!

It’s possible you are still infected and that is causing problems. If you are going to get onto p2p networks you have to have good antivirus and firewall software as well as anti spyware and anti trojan programs. If you are one of the unlucky ones like me (and it seems you are) you are likely to get some brutal attacks off of p2p networks.
Try to do an online virus scan. This one by trend micro is pretty good (requires java I think). I was running norton at the time and it caught three trojans that walked right past norton.

Didn’t your computer come with a reinstall disk? If it did, see if it has the same utilities as a normal xp disk. You can do a repair install without loosing data (most of the time, there is some risk though you are not suposed to lose any files). Beyond that, if you have a lot of valuble data (anime and whatever else), copy it to another hard drive and then reinstall. If you do not have another hard drive, buy one. they are not that expensive these days and after you are done, you will have the extra space from it (and protection in the future as you can do this again). Copy everything important to the second drive and then disconect the second drive. Reinstall and do your updates on the main drive, install virus software etc., then when it is well protected, reconect the data hard drive and do scans on it (virus scans, spyware and trojan scans etc. Fyi it takes some searching but ther are many programs out there that are free and decent. Spybot and adaware are musts. While I have not used it, many recomend avg free antivirus. process guard might also be a good one to check out.
Hope some of that helps a little.