PC DVD+ Software



Hello all,

 Where may I find software that will play DVD+ on my PC?  So far, my search has been in vien.


David :confused:


What make and model is your burner or reader? Always give as much information as you can when posting. It’s possible that there is firmware that will enable it to use dvd+ media. On the other hand there may not be.

I don’t think theres a magic program outside of a possible firmware upgrade that will suddenly change your burners capability. There’s also potentialy the hardware incompatability of the laser I think.

This is not my personal area of expertise, if I have one, so hopefuly someone else will be able to help out. I’ve not had a burner that can only handle one format. In fact, I thought +r could be [I]read[/I] at least, if not burned in any PC dvd drive. Live and learn…


Thanks, d_dog.

Here’s more exact info on my hardware:

DVD+'s recorded on a Insignia DVD/VHS Recorder (model #IS-DVD100121), using both Memorex DVD +R and Philips DVD +R (1-8x) media.

The DVD Readers are units installed on Dell GX270’s, GX280’s, and GX620’s at my place of employment. I’ll need to post the exact model number of the DVD Reader later today.

Thanks for your time.


Windvd and power dvd are a couple of the most common and work fine. Here are some more including some free ones, though I don’t think any free ones do dvd due to royalty issues.