Pc dvd rom

hi everone: tring to copy pc dvd rom game, copied ok in alcohol, but when i go to play the game, it tells me to insert the dvd. is there any way around this:

You will have to post what type of copy protection it is

It isn’t possible to make working physical copies of copy protected dvd rom games owing to the inability of dvd burners to burn dvds in raw mode. The best that you can do with these games is to make an image that you can mount on a virtual drive such as alcohol or daemon tools.

He’s tried that phil and that’s where the problem is and that’s where he needs help.

sorry guys, new at this dont know the copy protection but the game is the godfather it a pc dvd rom.

Scan with A-Ray scanner to find out the copy protection.

Some games have a built in black list. I had a game protected by VOB protect CD5 and the original game would not run if I had Alcohol or Blindwrite installed on my PC.
As it turns out I needed a patch from the original company and the patched .exe file doesn’t check the CD so I could make a backup :slight_smile: