Pc dvd player



dvd player in my computer won’t play rented or store bought movies but will play ones that have been burn’t. when i try to play them it tells me to insert disc. i have tried every dvd movie we own and won’t play any of them. last week it would play them not now. thank mike.


What operating system are you using? What program are you using to play the movies?

If this is Windows, have you tried restoring to a point before the problems began?

Download VLC media player and see if you can play the movies in it. www.videolan.org


i have windows xp. using power dvd. also have real player windows media player and dvd suite. the disk are not being reconized by the dvd player unless it is a burn’t disk. won’t bring up list of players so i can choose or cancel. restore is tuned off don’t know how to turn on.


Too late to turn on restore at this point in time. Won’t help with the current problem.

Weird problem. Its usually the other way round, where burned disks are not recognized.

You can try the upper and lower filter solution, but I’m not at all sure it applies here: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/314060/EN-US/


tried filter solution, didn’t work. thanks for your help, mike.