PC DVD player plays with no sound!?

I guess it’s because I bought it OEM and I dont have the cable to plug into my sound card. What is that cable called again? :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s just called a CD-ROM Audio Cable. Isn’t it?

Found this picture just to make sure.

I still cant get it to work. Where does the little white thing go? I got no hole for it (I have Santa Cruz Turple Beach). I bought something like the picture only without the white thing but it still wont work (the box said “Cable, Audio CD-ROM IDE 4-16” isnt that it?). ABout to return it and try something else, anyone have any ideas why am I getting no sound on DVDs?

The white thingy goes nowhere if you use the black one (most common).
However sound playback in Windows goes over the IDE cable unless you tell it otherwise. Have you made sure sound playback is set as digital?

Where do I set that?

This is for Xp

Right click on “My Computer” and select properties. In the new windows hit the hardware tab and click on “Device Manager”

Next find your CD drives. There are under “DVD/CD Drives”. Click on the heading to open up the submenu containing your drives. Double click on your CD drive and then click on the properties tab.

Here you should find an option called “Digital CD Playback”. All you have to do is make sure it is ticked.

It sure is. BTW my DVD player is lite-on 166S. My NEC 2500A writer wont even play the dvds, it burns fine though.