PC DVD Madden 07 : Copy Protect "SafeDisc 4.70.000"

PC DVD Madden 07 : Copy Protect “SafeDisc 4.70.000”

I was wondering in wat way can I get rid of it?

You can’t legally get rid of it. It’s part of the program which you can’t legally modify without the permission of the copyright holder.

Well I guess I didn’t mean to get rid of I meant like…

I am trying to make a Back-Up CD b/c I dont like to play my games from the orignal CD/DVD (b/c of scratches and etc…)

It’s not possible to make a working physical back-up copy of a safedisc protected dvd. However, you may be able to run the game from an image mounted on a virtual drive (e.g. either Daemon Tools or alcohol).

Try making an image with alcohol and then mounting the image.

Note though that because of virtual drive blacklistings you’ll probably need to run a third party utility such as sd4 hide for the mounted image to work.

Note also that sd v.4.7 appears to be new version and that, no doubt, the virtual drive blacklistings have been updated. As such, it may be that it won’t be possible to run the game from a mounted image until either Daemon Tools or the 3rd party utilities are updated.