PC doesn't recognize CD player



Suddenly I got the message no supported drive found, when trying to re install plextools. Also when I insert a CD rom, the contents are not appearing in explorer anymore. Some help please for a lost amateur ?


Reboot the system and check for the inquiry string, i.e., Plextor DVDR PX-708A. If the system is not getting the info, check power and signal cables. If nothing works, replace the data cable. If the system does see the drive, check in device manager (start/control panel/system/hardware/device manager) under the CD/DVD ROM icon. Do a refresh if the drive does not show up. The DVD/CD icon should also show with drive letter on the desktop. If that doesn’t work, RMA the drive.


thanks for your advice. Pease understand as I said I am a newbie on this. Let me tell you that I can use the CD writer, but 1st when installing plextools it says no plexwriter found. And 2nd when clickng on the CD icon it says wrong link or something. But, when using the CD writer with Nero or Roxio, it works without a problem…What is wrong with that ? I also have a lot of CD’s that are burned with a bad quality, or doesn’t open anymore… or after a long time seking by the CD burner.Can the writer be damaged or broken or something like that ?Or too old ? ( 2 years )


What drive model? What firmware? Check the Plextor site for the latest version and flash the drive. Most drives in the last couple of years have the self test feature. Check your manual or the manual posted on the Plextor site to see if your drive has that feature and how to run it.
The application checks the interface, inquiry string, drive features and write/read. All the functions that explorer should. If the application works, you may have a system issue.

Try the drive on another PC to see if you still have the same problems from the desktop. If the problem follows the drive, its the drive. If it works, its your system.