PC doesn't read Copied DVD


At first I want to say hello, because I just registered myself. I’m a 23 year old History student, living in Leiden (The Netherlands), and am making electronic music as a hobby. At the moment, I am working on a short movie for a friend, who is to graduate next week.

The problem with this movie I am trying to make, is that I recorded an old VHS videotape to a DVD. I used a Video/DVD-recorder for this, and it worked out well. The only problem is that my computer doesn’t read the DVD. It says:‘place a disc in the drive blablabla…’ Not only my computer doesn’t read the DVD, two other DVD-players don’t read them as well.

Does anyone know why the DVD-recorder (which made the recording) DOES play the DVD, and my PC and other DVD-players don’t? I really need these files on my PC (as an MPEG, to use in Pinnacle Studio to create the movie), so please help!

When you’ve finished recording it on the DVD Recorder you need to finalise the disc (or some such wording) before any other device can read it. You can still do this by going back to your DVD recorder & completing the process now.

OK, well I hope thta will work. I will try it and let it know if it has worked…

And it has worked. So this question is no more… Thanks!