PC does'nt accept AudioCD's

I hope anyone may help me to solve my problem.
The most of the new AudioCd’s have a copyprotection which does’nt allow the PC or the CD-ROM to accept the CD.
I always get “The drive is not ready or no CD in”.

Is there any possibility to read the CD or to burn it with CloneCD?
Which Copyprotection is it?
What can i do to see the tracks on such a CD?


Please answer by using Klaus.G@gmx.at

I heard that u can use feurio to browsr the cd
use clony to find the protection

I have clony but the other problem is that my cd-rom is not able to read sub-channels.

Feurio is a good idea. I will try it.

I also will try an new driver for the audio section. perhaps cdfs.vxd will solve the prob.

Have anyone another idea??:confused:

try reading this and this