Pc Does Sudden Restart After I Switch Switch User

When I switch user then log out with the new user then come back to my screen after about a minute my pc will do a very sudden restart. Any one got any ideas? used to work fine. Using XP

Seeing that it only restarts when you change users, you could have soem bad virus. Also have you noticed the restart lately or has it been happening for a period of time? If it has, it could be your PSU (power supply).

It has been happening for a while now, as for viruses I doubt because I do full scan often.

What is your software O/S version and does it have all the updates? Also what kinda power supply do you have and its rating? Sounds like a file got corrupted causing it to restart.

Login to the good account and disable failure on restart.

Start>Control Panel>Performance and Maintenence>System>Advanced>StartUp and Recovery>Advanced Tab

Uncheck Restart on Failure under System Failure

Then Reboot and login to the bad account
See if it throws up a bluescreen now.

If so see if it mentions a certain driver.
If not then you need to recreate the profile because it sounds like it maybe corrupt.

Thanks, using XP and all updated. Can a piece of software be causing this? I remember when I installed ‘sony erricson pc suite’ it warned me to stop installing saying it may cause unknown effects in the future, but i did install any way. Then I noticed when some one else started up their screen the installation was still asking to be installed, but it did not come up on my screen. Now that has gone and it comes up ‘appliction launcher unable to load configuration’. I went to uninstall it but it seems the uninstall has gone? any ideas?

I have the same problem with a Roxio installation. It is a software conflict along with a virus that can not be fully deleted. I am ignoring the problem until I finish using this particular partition, at which time I will format it and reload. I am dual boot so it poses no problem for me. Just a small inconvenience. Mine does not reboot, but I need to cancel several screens each time I open Roxio because of the same warnings that you get. Roxio works fine in all computers, just had a problem on this one partition. All of my partitions are bootable.

First off in XP when you install in Admin it will try to install for other users account as well. And when you want to Add/Remove you have to be in Admin account to do so as to not adversely affect users account unless you made them Admin as well rather then limited accounts. But go into the Explorer screen and find that program file folder and look to see if you can find a uninstall exe in that folder and click on it to remove it. But if that doesn’t work reinstall the program in Admin and then go back while in Admin and do a Add/Remove to unistall the program and anything it left behind. And if you want to get a good Reg cleaning program and have it clean the registery of that file so it be totally gone.