PC does not fully read DVD made in DVD burner - help


				 					Hi all,

(didn’t know where to post this :slight_smile: )

I have a Toshiba dvd recorder and recently recorded 4 titles. I finalized the disks and in the Toshiba the titles play fine and show the full time of each (3 titles were about an hour each, the 4th title was 2 hours long)

I need to put the files onto my wife’s laptop so she can view them while studying.

I then put the dvd into my pc (windows 7) and ‘open’ the dvd in my computer. I see the audio and video TS folder, open in and can see 4 TS files, 3 are .99 gig each and the 4th is 600MB.
BUT, when I open one of these files in Media player, or try to open one in ANY Video Converter to convert to .wmv, each file shows as being only 22 minutes, or 12 minutes or 47 minutes long.

I put the DVD back into the Toshiba DVD recorder and the titles show properly with the correct time length.

Any ideas on what is wrong? how to fix?

Also - I have done this a few weeks ago, using ANY Video Converter, and the PC read the DVDs made in the recorder properly, converted properly. But now I have this problem

Any help is most appreciated!



Welcome to the forums, and the Newbie forum is an appropriate spot for your first post. We talk about virtually anything in here when trying to solve problems.

When you try to play the DVD in the computer, are you using Windows Media Player? If so, I’d suggest trying a different player, like VLC or Media Player Classic Home Cinema.

Put the disc in the optical drive, start VLC, then click on Media–>Open Disc. This should work to playback your DVD.

DVD-video is deliberately broken into 1gb (max) sections for compatibility with stand alone players. These are .vob files, and are generally not useful in and of themselves. When converting a DVD-video, you should use the entire folder as input into a conversion program.

Is there a reason for conversion to .wmv? This is not a format many of us use, but I could probably recommend another program for this conversion if you wish.


Let me start with it’s not a good idea to record 5 hours on one DVD(single layer).

The files you are opening should be .VOBs .
A .99GB will have more than one title in this case .
Maybe one title & a partial second title or even two titles & a partial third title.

For opening in “Media Player” try opening the Video_TS.ifo or VTS_01_0.IFO .

I haven’t used ANY Video Converter so I don’t know how it handles getting “Titles” . You need to “Open” it as the complete DVD not just individual .vobs.
Or I think you do.

If you have DVDShrink open the disc or DVD folder with it .
You can see the titles this way. You can usually extract each title individually this way. It will still have a DVD folder & file structure. Then try converting that with ANY Video Converter to a .wmv if that is the format you want.

BTW: Close to the same answer from Kerry & me . We were probably both writing at the same time.


Thanks for the info and greeting :slight_smile:

It’s for my wife. the video files are science classes she is reviewing for her mcat. But at times she needs to rewind and review a concept. Using windows media player and the original disk would not allow her to rewind. So I thought to convert to .wmv (or .avi) to be more ‘user-friendly’ in media player.

The problem is that now the two video converter programs I have used - ANY Video Converter, and (I forget the other right now) see the DVD disk in the D: drive, but when I look at one TS file (that’s a gig in size) the video converter software only reads a percentage of the length of the file (i.e. 22 minutes when the file is actually 1 hr long)


I still think the easiest solution is to use a more capable player than Windows Media Player. Try VLC and see if will work as you wish.

If you’d still like to convert, I’d suggest VidCoder or Handbrake and convert the DVD-video to MP4 or MKV files. But I’d still use VLC or MPC-HC for playback. To skip forward or back in VLC you click on the <<< or >>> buttons at the bottom and hold down that mouse button till you get to the spot you want.

Again, you don’t select individual vob files for conversion. If you have more than one title on the DVD, you’ll need to separate them. Cholla’s suggestion of DVDShrink is one method. DVDDecrypter can also do this in IFO mode.


Again I agree with Kerry & I have also used the DVDDecrypter IFO method.

I only gave the .ifo instructions if you insist on using WMP .