PC Crashes when playing a DVD

I have just installed a new sound system and was testing it out by watching films.

Every time I play a DVD the PC crashes, it comes to an absolute stop and has to be rebooted. This is happening every time now.

Can anyone explain what could be going wrong or what I can do to identify and ultimately fix the problem? I have tried 3 different types of DVD software so I’m certain that area is eliminated.

Many Thanks,


You will have to tell people about your rig a little more so they can get the idea of waht you got going on

ok…i am running windows xp (with service pack 2)…i have a pentium 4 cpu 3ghz, and 896 RAM…200gb hd…(not sure how much of this you need lol)…i am running the dvd from a dvd-rw drive…anything else that is needed?