PC crashes during DVD burn

Okay I’m an extreme noob so go easy on me. :doh: I’m having a few problems and was wondering if anyone out there could help out. First what I have:
I have only a 1.1 ghz with 148M of RAm running on Windows XP Home. With SP2 installed. My DVD writer is the NEC 3550a and I have been using imation DVD+R discs, for backing up some DVD’s and data from my PC. To back up DVD’s I am using the Clone DVD and AnyDVD combo from Slysoft…and yes I have the most current verisions directly from thier web site. I had not been having any problems and all of a sudden I tried to back up the movie Persuasion and had a crash with an error. However, the crash results in two different types of errors, and now I cannot burn any type of DVD without a crash and error.
One of the two errors sends me to the Windows Blue Screen of Death :bigsmile: with the “Bad_Pool_Caller” nonsense. The machine reboots, says I recovered from an error…and that’s it. Sometimes I don’t get the BSOD, instead the machine just instanly restarts itself. Then it says that there was an error, when you click on it for detailed information it says “Mini012406-02.dmp :a
:a Sysdata.xml” :Z

Or something to that effect. I assumed it was a virus so I scanned with AVG Free and the trial version of Macafee, and found nothing. I also scanned with Ad Aware, and removed any possibly harmful files it found. Also no help. Finally I used TuneUp Utilities 2006, to fix any registry problems and clean my disk drive. Also no luck. So here I am, not able to burn any DVD’s and I don’t want to re-format and re-install windows (if it’s needed) until I can back up my precious MP3 collection. Spent 3 days ripping all my CD’s dammit! Anyway, if anyone can make some suggestions, I would be much obliged, thanks in advance for takin it easy on the noob! :bow:

A couple of thing that could cause the bad pool error are corupt drivers (that are not managing memory corectlly) or some of your memory has gone bad. You might want to use this program to test your memory, just to rule it out.

I tried to use the test on the link but couldn’t figure out how to work it. However, I Googled Memtest and found a similar program that runs inside windows. When I ran that test I got zero errors. I also didn’t think it would be the memory because all my other programs work with no problem. Plus it only crashes when I try to burn a DVD or CD. When I burn CD’s and data DVD I use Nero version 6. Always worked before until I started having errors. I appreciate your time and any further assistance you might be able to offer.

Just to be safe do the usual remove INCD and DLA on your box! Can’t hurt!

Have you added any hardware recently?
Where about in the burn does the crash happen?
I would open up the box unplug all the power and data cable’s and refit them also your memory chips. I can remember when some ram worked its way out of the socket causing periodic crashes!
It maybe that the power supply is on the fritz!
I can only suggest that you go into diagnostic mode to find the trouble but we will help as much as we can.

Exactly, also overheating can issue such trouble.

I did some research and found this?
Problem: Another reader complains about a system that reboots unexpectedly at random times and then presents an error message when WinXP starts again.

Error Message: “The system has recovered from a serious error. C:\Windows\Minidump020404-01.dmp C:\Docume~1\Darle~1\Locals~1\Temp\Wer5E.tmp.diroo\sysdata.xml”

Solution: This error message reveals a problem with a memory dump (an inventory of the contents of computer memory; sometimes referred to as a minidump). It seems the OS created a memory dump file but forgot about it, so it’s attempting to create the file again. The resulting conflict leads to a serious error and the sudden system meltdown.

The minidump error is sometimes associated with an outdated video driver (a program that facilitates communication between a hardware component and the rest of the system), so one potential solution is to download a driver update for the video card. The reader can get one by visiting the Support or Downloads area of the card manufacturer’s Web site. An updated driver may take care of the problem, but regardless of whether it does, we also recommend downloading the WinXP patch that Microsoft released to combat memory dump problems. The reader can get the update by visiting http://www.microsoft.com
/downloads/details.aspx?displaylang=en&FamilyID=3D41A046-0E2C-429F-8F40-F30014ADC3BB and clicking Download in the upper-right section of the page. Next, he should access the Windows Update site and install WinXP SP1a from the list of critical updates.

Just for good measure, the reader should take a moment to purge his system of the minidump and Sysdata.xml files by deleting them from the C:/DOCUMENTS AND SETTINGS and C:/WINDOWS folders, respectively. He can restart the computer when the files are gone.


This error has driven some people to distraction. I would do what I suggested first and then follow the above advice.
Hope this cures it. :slight_smile:

Wow lots of help thanks, while waiting for additional responses I did some tooling around as follows: First I uninstalled Nero, AnyDVD, and Clone DVD and re-installed to make sure they were functioning properly. I also downloaded a crappy trial program that looks at device drivers to see if any are out of date or corrupt. I think it was called driver guard or something like it. Anyhow…it allowed me to scan and find out that I did have some “out of date drivers” but because it was a trial version it wouldn’t automatically update them. It seemed like it would be a helpful utility to have around can anyone suggest a free alternative to something like that. Anyway I out and out removed the driver for my Trident Video accelerator card, which I figured the problem was samewhat related. The result was kinda weird.
First of all previously the computer was crashing in Clone DVD at like 50% of the disk read process…also if I try to go into Nero, I can set up my data DVD burn and it crashes after a few seconds of actual burning.
After removing the video accelerator driver, Clone DVD gets to 100% read then says “sorry clone dvd has had an error and must close”…after closing the program, the computer will crash about 30 seconds later. Nero still restarts just a few seconds of disk burning.

I am very greatful for your input guys.

I’m thinking it shouldn’t be an overheating issue, cuz my computer has always had a loud strong fan…and I can hear it…plus I can feel it blow. Plus it’s been working fine until recently.

As far as new hardware, for Christmas I recieved my Harddrive which is a new Maxtor 200gig model 6l160R0. It has worked fine since installation. Also my DVD burner is a new addition to the family. As said before, it’s a NEC 3550. And finally I have a new monitor which is a viewsonic LCD…all were installed right before Christmas. Clone DVD and ANy DVD were installed right after Christmas and all was in a state of equilibrium until a few days ago.

Planned course of action:
First I’ll try to do the fix recommended by weedougie, and install the MS update with SP1. Then I will open the machine and make shure everything is fitting snugly. And not to be a total idiot, but what is meant by remove INCD and DLA? See this proves how much of a noob I am as I don’t even know how to quote in my replies. Thanks for your ongoing help folks! Very appreciated!

Aside from everything mentioned, if I were you, I would think of acquiring a little bit of extra memory…windows XP (any version) eats a minimum of 128mb of that memory you have…leaving you with approximately 20mb left to play with…that’s not a great thing, especially when burning dvds.

One problem is your ram is insufficient, You should have a least 512mb. Your resources would be running too low and you will open yourself for crashes. Another problem can be the power supply, DvD burnners pull alot of power when burning and if you have too many peripherals your power supply might not be cutting the mustard.

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Well I checked all inyards…and decided I’m fighting the battle I can’t win and re-formatted…problems gone…lol…except for the lingering sense of failure…and the loss of all those MP3’s…all that time ripping. I certainly appreciate all the help guys! And I will be looking for a memore upgrade next week! Thanx for your time, and happy computing out there!:slight_smile:

Oh the pain!

Don’t ya just love XP :eek:

Well done. :clap: :clap: :bigsmile:
I know the advice I am going to suggest is after the horse has bolted but….
As you have a 200 gig drive have you thought about portioning it, one partition for windows and associated progs. One for data files ie.mp3s and docs etc. and lastly one partition for a clone or backup for your c drive that will take only minutes to re-install when your comp plays up again. I use Acronis true image for this purpose but any good backup software will do. This can save valuable time and frustration. I take a back up every 3 months or so overwriting the older of the two backups I keep, so that I can revert to a working system quickly and easily. Of course if your hard drive fails completely you will lose everything, but as you have a DVD writer you can archive your precious files to DVD. :smiley:
I must admit though it has been 12 months or so since I had to reinstall the c drive completely but at least I didn’t spend the best part of a day re-installing windows and all my progs, including all the necessary updates.

Hmmm…great advice weedougie…I’ll look into that too…Thanks again guys!

Another really stupid question. How do I figure out what type of RAM upgrade to buy? It’s an AMD Duron 1.1mhz processor…Thanks for your help again!!

“I know the advice I am going to suggest is after the horse has bolted but….
As you have a 200 gig drive have you thought about portioning it, one partition for windows and associated progs. One for data files ie.mp3s and docs etc.”

Now you gona start WW3 again. Thread of a few weeks ago"

See one big drive, One big chunk, no partitions, one format later, bye bye data :iagree:

Judging from the computer you have, you will most likely have a difficult time finding ram for your pc because it is too old.

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Ooo errr… :o :smiley:
I am not suggesting ww3 however it just seems common sense to me to be prepared for disaster, isn’t that why we have life, home, car insurance etc. :bigsmile:

Weed : I was agreeing :iagree: Because he just reformated he has nothing to loose doing it again and bust up that hard drive into a couple of sections.