PC Coolers will lower your temp

This boys parents have too many PC parts in the house

Maybe they should stop overclocking their daughter? :cool:

People upgrade their PCs to water cooling for a reason - Better cooling performance.

Somehow I don’t think the opposite works better for cooling human beings - I.e. Just ask anyone about to do an hour of intensive exercise would they swap their chilled bottle of water for a few CPU coolers strapped to their body as a new revolutionary method for keeping cool. :wink:

At least they are using a good brand like Thermaltake, not an OEM. LOL:bigsmile::bigsmile:

Water cooling would be more effective :stuck_out_tongue:

bags bags and bags of ice They also work good on computers for a quick cool down try it sometime

Perhaps automobile coolant would work just as well? Just pour it over the affected areas. If that fails, try using a bucket of cold water…:smiley: