PC Configuration

So, I am buying one PC configuration which will only burning cds and dvds, nothing else.
I dont want to waste money on pc component which will not use me at all.
What is most important for that PC? Ram or procesor?
And I was thought to put 3 dvd burners in that pc, so I probably need enough ram memory. What would be enough?
Should I buy some dual core procesor or I dont need that strong procesor?
And is motherboard much important? I thought to buy motherboard with at least SATA 2, Asrock, Asus or Intel.

Thank you.
Best Regards, J.B.

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Start with mobo first. Asus make some very good ones.
CPU go with dual core at least. Need not be that powerful. 2.4 maybe.
As for RAM depends on OS. Unless it’s 64 bit then 4GB or above is going to wasted.

Let’s put it this way
In which country do you live?
What are you going to use your computer for?
What’s your budget?

…only burning cds and dvds, nothing else…

If that’s correct you can easily get by with a Sempron AM2 CPU and 1 Gig DDR2 RAM. The choice of motherboard will be determined by the no. of PATA and SATA channels you want to use (ATI’s SB600 SouthBridge provides connectivity for 4 PATA and 4 SATA drives). Integrated graphics come with AMD 690 in the same chipset example.