PC Configuration with optical drives

This is a general question about pc setup. I have 2 dvd rw drives (toshiba sh-182m and plextor 760a). I have 2 sata HDD on my msi mobo., leaving primary and secondary ide channels to use. At the moment, I have both optical drives on ide 1 as master and slave. Would I gain better performance setting each as a master on ide 1 and the other on ide 2? AMD 64 core2 4600-2gb ram-gforce 7300le video-ati capture-creative sound card-500w ps-and winxp-pro sp2, mce2005. Thanks

The way you have it set up is just fine, I don’t think you would gain anything by changing it

I’d definitely change the setup to having each optical as Master on it’s own IDE channel.

Whilst direct copying of disk to disk is not generally recommended it’s far better done the way I’m suggesting.

And use only 80wire IDE cables if your not already doing so.


Curious: What is the noticeable advantage of that setup, provided the two drives are not used at the same time?

And use only 80wire IDE cables if your not already doing so.
Since the Samsung is an UDMA-33 drive, an 80wired cable is not mandatory there. Don’t know about the Plextor.


When doing disk to disk there’s no conflict on the IDE channel when they’re separated like that as you well know.

And we will always recommend 80wire cables these days regardless of what the optical devices are capable of.