I wonder if anyone can help me?
My young son plays on our home PC and unfortunately, on one of his game disks, a crack has developed.
I guess this is because of it’s consant removal and reinsertion into it’s case, even though he does it very carefully.
The crack runs about 5-8 mm from the centre of the disc outwards.
I was thinking of using some superglue to repair this crack.
Any thoughts would be appreciated on trying to repair this.
Also, how can I backup these games so I have one copy only of the original disk which I believe I’m allowed to do.
Many thanks. :slight_smile:


Depending on what game it is, use Alchohol 120% to back it up. There is a copy protections guide on the forums here. Just browse around.


Thanks for the help theone.

I hope I can get the CDROM to read so I can use Alochol 120%.