PC catastrophe (split from Folding thread)

Might be a bit longer for me - I’ve had to shut my F@H down for tonight, my CPU is badly overheating (already locked up once).

Guess I’ll have to crack her open and blow out the dust bunnies again tomorrow!

bummer :frowning:

I cant believe my P4 isnt overheating (knock on wood), its been folding almost 24-7 and the higest its been up to was 47C durring the last heat wave, its been at 43C lately

That sucks. Maybe a cat got stuck in it :bigsmile:?

Hahahaha, maybe cat fur, through the two side intake fans :bigsmile:

Anyway…get this…BIOS said nearly 90-odd C! I’m about to crack her open, remove a couple of redundant PCI cards, and douse the whole thing with compressed air. Worked a treat the last time :slight_smile:

That’s hot :eek: . Mine is only half that.

90C at idle :eek: :eek: :eek:

I thought prescott was the only chip that could survive that kind of temp :stuck_out_tongue:

Arachne, you really need to hurry and rescue the kitty thats stuck in the heatsink :bigsmile:

Well I found out why. After 4 years, the heatsink and fan are completely b0rked. Won’t boot now without freezing up - I’m using a friend’s PC right now (had to fit my NIC though to get my cable).

So, it’s off to buy a new PC tomorrow (after all this faffing around, I really don’t have the patience to put one together from scratch). Oh, and a heatsink and fan for my poor beloved P4.

Needless to say, no folding for me until I’m using my own PC again. God bless the guy upstairs, I owe him BIG time for loaning me his. :slight_smile:

that sucks, new rigs are fun tho :slight_smile:

btw, was that the stock intel HSF? gives me 4yo P4 teh evil eye

Yes, I can’t wait to see what I can get tomorrow. Since it’s an emergency buy though, I’ll have to probably take what I can get. Which is fine as long as it’s a bit faster, I suppose!

And yeah, I believe it was the stock HSF…I inherited the mobo and CPU years ago from my ex in the States, so as he fitted the chip/HSF, I can only guess that it’s stock. :wink:

Hmmm, this PC has a nice spanking new Sony DW-G120A in it…evil grin :bigsmile:

It’s my fault :sad: . I cursed you :doh: last night by talking about the heatsink/fan that I ordered. Your PC was jealous that it didn’t have a new one.
I beg of you to accept my sincerest apology :flower:.

Naaaw. Although my PC probably was jealous though :bigsmile:

No need to apologise, I get a nice new rig out of this :iagree:…and if I can find another HSF, my P4 will still be in the land of the living hopefully :slight_smile:

I’d recommend an Artic Cooling Freezer 7 here , but I don’t know what exactly you have available.

nice :cool: im sure he wouldnt notice if you put the sony faceplate on your old 1693S :bigsmile: :stuck_out_tongue:

hmm, I don’t think that will work since it is skt 775 only, her P4 is most likely skt 423 or maybe 478

I’ll have to see what HSF(s) I can find when I go shopping tomorrow. :slight_smile:

Hahahaha, I donated the 1693S to the same neighbour long ago. I think he killed it already :eek:

Edit: It’s a skt 423, my P4.

Wow, your options are definitely limited then :iagree: . Good time for a new beast.

They are, that’s what I’ve been trying to convince my mum of, since she’s the one who’ll be buying it for me (supposed to be a Christmas present, but I’ll obviously be having it early now, LOL).

I’m gonna show her this thread, then maybe she’ll believe me when I tell her my P4 is getting on a bit :bigsmile:

Let’s start a new thread about “A new PC for Arachne”, so you can get some last minute advice (can you split it off A.?).

Early presents are like going shopping at 2AM. No waiting :stuck_out_tongue: .

Thanks C. ;)…that’s a really good idea, as this thread is meant to be our Folding thread, I can’t believe I’ve been an accomplice to it going OT :o

Hahaha, early presents rule :iagree:

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