PC case with tool-less motherboard mounting?



Has anybody seen a PC case that is currently available and has tool-less motherboard mounting? I mean without the need to screw in the screws and - just an example - the board sitting on rubber standoffs and some clipping on the edges or something like that.

Many thanks for reading.


Never seen a case like that… not that I can recall anyway. :disagree: I don’t
think anyone would make a case like that because it would probably be
too hard to hold the mobo in place without the screws. :iagree:


They use the metal screws for mounting because those are ground points, helps protect components.


I really liked the cases with the removable trays, made it way easier to set all the cards in and get everything the way you wanted it, then slide the mess in and wire it up.
They don’t seem to do those much now, my stacker doesn’t have it technically but you can remove the tray IF you remove a bunch of mounting screws. The first baord I installed I did that then slid it in place and put all the screws back.
It has so much room though it’s not as bad as the old school narrow towers I used to use.
I have never seen a screw less mother board mounting system either and I think like said they need to be screwed down pretty tight to ground everything and keep things from moving and shorting out.


Nope, never seen tool-less motherboard fitting… tool-less drive fitting, yes.

As for motherboard fitting, on the last case I got, was so glad to see screw-in posts - a previous case had snap-in clips, and the fit of the screws to the tiny bit of pressed thread in the clip was poor.