Pc cant read the dvd but standalone player can

First i use dvd decrypter to rip it from the dvd . then i use dvd2one to crop it on a dvd -r disc .
i use nero (latest version) to burn it on the dvd .
my normal dvd player on my pc (not the burner) cant read the dvd , but my dvd burner can , and also my standalone dvd player can read it . other people without a standalone or a dvdburner , cant read the dvd i made . anybody got any idea of what im doing wrong ?

Not all dvdrom players can read dvd-r’s
i have a samsung 6x10x and cannot read backups.

Yep … some DVDROM drives are fussy about dvdr and sometimes dont like a certain media type.

It’s possible that another brand will work, on the other hand, they might not, so it’s really trial and error.

There can’t be anything wrong with your disk, if it plays in your burner & standalone.