PC Burning Mode1 or Mode2?



Can any 1 tell me what mode i should b using to burn my pc utils & games, i have been using EZCD creator and by default it is writing all my discs in Mode 2. Although i have had no probs with my discs, when i went 2 the Blindread homepage it said that PC games should use Mode 1 & PSX games should use Mode 2. Can any one clear this up 4 me. Thanx.


Ch5 Micky


Mode 2 is for the most cd-drive readable,
however mode 1 is the standard for ‘old’ cd-drives.

that simple

if you can use mode 2.

need a better or completer expla…?

ask me ill give you something to read…


Thanx again for the info R-N you,ve put my mind at rest, EZCD creator by default burns in mode 2 when u drag & drop on the Data layout screen and the reason for my concearn is because I back-up Urban Chaos, when i checked the original using CDRWIN it showed me that it was using Mode 1 & on Gamecopyworld it said just copy all file from cd to hdd and then drag & drop onto Data cd layout so my Urban Chaos is now Mode 2 although it work perfectly with all my CD-ROMs as they are modern. Thanx R-N


Ch5 Micky