PC burned +RW won't play in Philips DVDR985



DVDs burned on my PC on +RW discs won’t play in my Philips DVDR985. They play fine on the PC. The +RW discs record and play fine in the DVDR985. This leads me to believe I am doing something wrong while burning the DVD. same results with Nero and Ulead MF3.

Philips answer was “use +R discs.” The do work fine, but I don’t intend to fill up a landfill just to watch a show once.

Doug B.


Have had problems with playing DVD+RW in Hitachi player - resolved when I realised Nero was giving the copied DVD a “booktype” of “DVD-ROM” rather than “DVD+RW”. Ahead (Nero) state in their software help that this gives better compatibility, but obviously not in my case.

As the 985 is a slightly older unit, it may expect the “DVD+RW” flag rather than “DVD-ROM”. Try disabling the feature in Nero that always writes a "DVD-ROM booktype (can’t offhand remember where it is - probably in preferences or copy options). Not sure whether Ulead does it also. Just an idea.


The DVDR985 may be expecting a +VR structure on a +RW disc, and hence won’t play it if there’s anything else there. Anything which has been simply burned on a PC and fed into a DVDR will be better recognised as a DVD-ROM. If your PC burner is capable of bitsetting to DVD-ROM then you should try this.

Some players are idiosyncratic, as you have observed.


Tech Support for my pc burner - micro advantage - basically gave me the same advice as imkidd57 below. IT was originally set to +RW. The had me change it to dvd-rom. It didn’t help. Also, I am only burning at 2.4X - the slowest I can get it to burn. Can’t find a 1x setting.
Does anyone know the answer to this question: Should the burner finalize the disc or not for the Philips to read it? I have tried it both ways and neither work.
Doug B.


You can’t ‘finalise’ a +RW disc. They don’t need it.

Generally speaking, DVD recorders are not very good at being players. Probably your only solution is to buy a cheap player, which will have a wider compatibility.