PC burned DVD not read on MAC

I have created DVds on my PC using Roxio. When I attempt to play them on a MAC the system indicates that the disk is unreadable. Music CDs created on the PC play fine. Is there some secret concerning MACs and DVDs created on a PC?

Roxio is not the best burning program by a long way, it might burn your cds ok but not your dvds. try using dvddecripter its highly recomended and free.

Thanks, I have a copy and will give it a try. However, I am not sure the problem is with the ROXIO software. DVDs created using ROXIO play fine on my PC and two others I have tried. They also play fine on several stand alone DVD players. The only failure has been on a MAC ibook. I created the DVDs using DVD+R media which I am starting to believe may be part of the problem based on other sites I have visited. I will also reburn on DVD-R media and see what happens.