PC build suggestions



Well first of like to say hi and thanks in advance. Well im new to building ur own pc and only thing i have done was change a hard drive on my laptop and add memory so here goes. I want to build a pc for my sis and her kids, it will be used for homework and online surfing and of course burning cds maybe even watch a movie. i would like to stick with about 800 dollars budget i would need everything from mouse to monitor perhaps a decent flat panel if possible. I live close to frys or could order thru newegg. like i said im new to this so if possible a very detailed description of all the parts i will need would be nice and again thanks in advance. Definitely no 3d game playing on it if anything just learning kids games and most likely connect thru dsl.


Motherboards can be tricky…are you sure you really want the headache of building your own system when you are building a low end pc? You are probably better off buying one instead considering your stated experience level. Then again, if your like me and thrive on all the little things that can and often do go wrong, then go for it!!


You can buy cheap dells for what you are looking for. It’s a possiblility.

You are going to need,

Chip + Fan
Hard drive
DVD Drive
Case + PSU
Sound Card
Graphics Card

Then a guide on how to connect it all together. Most of it is pretty striaght forward but remember that everything goes throguh the motherboard so make sure the bits you buy will go together.


although it is easier to order a pc, there can be alot of gratification and learning in building your own. just do alot of research and more importantly take your time. just saying you built your own pc is worth it!! :smiley:


Foxconn 755A01-6EKRS


AMD Athlon 64 3000+


Corsair Value Select 184 Pin 256MB DDR PC-3200


ATi Radeon 9550


Hitachi 7K250 160Gb


ViewSonic P95F+B 19" PerfectFlat CRT Monitor


NEC 16X Double Layer DVD±RW Drive, Black, Model ND-3520A BK, OEM


NEC 1.44MB Black Internal Floppy Drive, OEM


Logitech SBF96 Optical Wheel Mouse BLACK PS/2 - OEM


Keytronic KT800PS2BUS-C Keyboard PS/2 104keys -RETAIL


Enlight Black Mid-Tower ATX Case with 350W SATA Power Supply


A bit short on memory but it should be pretty decent.
Just an advice, dont save on the monitor, save on the computer itself. You wont get a decent TFT unless you go around the ~370 price area.


Does anyone have experiance with the ATI 9550 Video Card? I have been checking AGP cards out and was thinking about this one or the Nvidia 5500 or 5700…
Any recomendations?