PC based DVD players compared to set top boxes



Why is it that my PC based DVD players have fewer problems with quirky or flawed media than my Sony set top box? The Sony seems to be less forgiving with imperfections. These imperfections also seem to get passed on to ripped media even though I’m using Tayo Yudens. The Sony skips, hangs, starts over or locks up but I can take that same DVD, put it in my desktop or laptop and it will play with no problems. DVDs that I rip from flawed originals inherit the same problems and sometimes are not viewable on the set top box.

It’s as if the Sony needs almost near perfect media. It is an older player that was bought before DVDs were even being copied. Maybe newer players are more forgiving than my older Sony.

Has anyone experienced the same problem?


Well for one you say its old, so most likely the lens on the drive has dirt on it and effects its performance. It may also be a very cheap drive even though it may be an expensive unit.

Not sure though if the oversampling of the STB is lower so the error correction is not as good as the PC.